SP55 Professional Vials


Het Hair Recovery Program SP55 verbeterd de groei van nieuw haar en activeert de zogenaamde “slapende” follikels als gevolg van de effectieve actieve ingrediënten. Het verstrekt de haren alle noodzakelijke voedingsmiddelen om het verzwakte en broze haar te herstellen.



SP 55 Professional vials are to fight hair loss, also called alopecia, which is a condition caused by a break in the hair cycle of the body. Hair loss can occur anywhere on the body, but in most cases it affects the scalp. The scalp has an average of 100,000 hairs that go through periods of growth, rest, loss and regeneration.

It works from the scalp and revitalizes the hair follicle, strengthens and helps to make hair fuller and thicker. It also helps to strengthen the anchoring of the hair root and rebalance the scalp.

In addition, the Hair Recovery Program SP55 improves the growth of new hair and activates the so-called “sleeping” follicles due to the effective active ingredients. It provides the hairs with all the necessary nutrients to restore the weakened and brittle hair. After treatment, the hair will feel thicker and fuller. HRP SP 55 aims to control and reduce inflammation. SP55 helps to relax blood vessels to absorb more oxygen and nutrients and removes the free radicals.

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