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Pharma Hermetic Silver Kit

Pharma Hermetic Dermaroller

Hair Recovery Program SP 55 Silver Kit 3 in 1

Inhoud Pharma Hermetic Silver Kit

The complete strategy to combat hair loss. This Silver Kit includes the Hair Recovery Program SP 55 as used in the world’s leading hair clinics.

A Pharma Hermetic derma roller to obtain the best result,  receive it as a gift when you buy the Silver Kit.

For the treatment of

  • Alopecia Androgenetics and Areata
  • Diffuse Alopecia in Women & Men
  • Telogen effluvium
    Alopecia in systemic diseases
  • Alopecia caused by medication
  • Hereditary syndromes
  • Clients who want to promote and accelerate hair growth
  • Combat excessive hair loss in men & women
  • Brittle and weak hair
  • After hair transplant for improved survival and support of implantation
  • Clients of every age with hair loss or hair growth problems

For non-surgical and painless tratmetn against hair loss.

The Silver Kit Hair Recovery Program is designed to perform the very best treatment to combat hair loss.
The treatment is performed in 3 gradations, i.e. with the SP55 vials 1x every 10 days, the SP55 Ampoules 1x every 3 days
And the SP55 Lotion for everyday use. This allows you to perform the most intensive treatment for the best results.

Through extensive research, the Pharma Hermetic Recovery Program can focus on stimulating hair growth strengthening the hair directly from the hair root. A complex mix of active ingredients such as amino acid complexes, vitamins and minerals promote self-regeneration from the stem cells and provide all the necessary and indispensable nutrients to restore weakened and brittle hair.

The Pharma Hermetic Recovery Program has an anti-inflammatory effect and contains inhibitors of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that is primarily responsible for hair loss and blocks DHT.

Pharma Hermetic for a professional non-surgical treatment with result.

In addition, you will find the usage schedule for the Silver Kit.

This scheme is intended for the combination of 3 products for very intensive treatment and to obtain a maximum result.

On the days with a green dot, use one full SP55 phial. On the days with a blue dot, use the contents of one full ampull and on the days with a purple dot, use sufficient spray lotion in the desired areas.

Pharma Hermetic Silver Kit Application Protocol