Shampoo for stimulating hair growth for women & men

Pharma Hermetic Shampoo Unisex


Pharma Hermetic Anti Hair Loss Shampoo
Stop hair loss !

Pharma Hermetic Shampoo inhibits hair loss, stimulates hair growth, improves hair follicle renewal, increases hair density, reduces hair breakage, inhibits 5-a-reductase by reducing excessive tallow.

The Pharma Hermetic Shampoo is the ideal treatment to prevent hair loss and reduce hair loss. This shampoo is also recommended in case of excessive hair loss.

Hair growth shampoo for Men & Women

All Pharma Hermetic shampoo’s, lotion’s, ampoules and viales are suitable for preventing hair loss, breakage and giving the hair a boost for both the male and female.

Pharma Hermetic voor de man en voor de vrouw

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For all hair and skin types

Only Natural ingredients

Natural trace elements

Alpha 5-a-reductase inhibitor

Pharma Hermetic Shampoo stops Hair Loss and strengthens your hair

Alpha 5-a-reductase inhibitor


The Pharma Hermetic is a 5-a-reductase inhibbiting shampoo and will reduce the excess of sebum that weakens the hair. This shampoo contains a variety of multifunctional active ingredients that help in protein synthesis by stimulating hair growth . This will improve the regenerative capacity of the follicle, help anchor the hair root and increase the hair density. The hair follicle is reinforced to prevent hair breakage.

give hair a boost!

This refreshing menthol shampoo is also formulated with extremely mild surfactants that thoroughly cleanse with respect to the scalp and capillary structure. It prolongs the life cycle of the hair and strengthens the hair roots, giving you healthier and stronger hair. Pharma Hermetic shampoo against hair loss is sulfates- and parabenes-free.

pharma hermetic shampoo tegen haaruitval
pharma hermetic shampoo prevents hair loss

Let’s take a look at the most important ingredients

Pharma Hermetic Stappenplan


Ingredients intervene by improving the keratin synthesis metabolism, thereby strengthening the hair structure. Once applied to the scalp, it will split into small particles (hydrolyze), including deoxy-D-ribose, amino acid nitrogen bases and phosphoric acid.

All these nutrients will be used by the cells to restore or reconstitute the proprietary DNA, improve follicle regeneration, improve and strengthen the condition of the hair.

Pharma Hermetic Stappenplan


It contains a mix of different elements such as Cu, Zn, Fe (iron). Si (silicon) and mg (magnesium) that contribute to a good balance in the metabolism of the scalp.

These ingredients act as 5-a-reductase inhibitors and thus prevent the formation of the DHT and will remove excess sebum that otherwise weaken the hair and hair follicle causing hair loss or baldness.

Pharma Hermetic Stappenplan


The sulfur amino acids in the keratin stimulate the recovery of damaged hair fibers, make the hair fuller and give volume and vitality to the hair.

The conditioning action improves shine, prevents split ends and eliminates frizz.

Pharma Hermetic Stappenplan


This is a stable vitamin C that stimulates the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin, improves skin elasticity and protects skin and scalp from the oxidative process by neutralizing free radicals.

Provides healthy complexion and radiant skin for a better look.

Apply to already damp hair. Massage and lather through te ends for 5 minutes. Finally, rinse generously with warm water.

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