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Key ingredients

A brief explanation of the most important ingredients in the Pharma Hermetic hair care against hair loss is given.



RNA hydrolysis is a reaction in which a phosphodiesterbinding in the RNA sugar phosphate backbone is broken, splitting the RNA molecule. RNA is susceptible to this base-catalyzed hydrolysis because the ribosis sugar in RNA has a hydroxyl group at the 2′ position.



Trace elements. It contains a mix of different elements such as Cu, Zn, Fe (iron). Si (silicon) and mg (magnesium) that contribute to a good balance in the metabolism of the scalp. These ingredients act as 5-a-reductase inhibitors and thus prevent the formation of the DHT and the removal of excess tallow that otherwise weaken the hair and hair follicle with hair loss or baldness.



The sulfur amino acids in the keratin stimulate the recovery of damaged hair fibers, make the hair fuller and give volume and vitality to the hair. The conditioning action gives the hair a better shine, prevents split points from being used to prevent fluff.



This is a stable vitamin C that stimulates the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin, improves skin elasticity and protects skin and scalp from the oxidative process by neutralizing free radicals. Provides healthy complexion and radiant skin for a better look.



Stimulates the angiogenesis in the hair follicle. Provides nutrients for the skin and hair root of for a stronger and healthier hair shaft by stimulating angio edema. Inhibits apoptosis and stimulates hair growth.



Helps block the effect of DHT that causes alopecia. Inhibits hair loss through downward regulation of the signal from DKK-1, BMP4 and TGFβ-1 and can generally help stop hair loss.



Creates plaque formation and generates new hair follicles through the production of β-catenine and SHH signal. Activation of hair growth by Wnt proteins . Stem cells are stimulated. Multiplication of keratinocytes.



Contains 13 amino acids



Stimulates hair growth



Nourishing for the skin



Biotin is crucial for many functions within the body, including cell growth, metabolism and cell recovery. Also known as vitamin H and vitamin B7. Biotin is one of the building blocks of healthy hair, and an increasing intake of biotin: Strengthens the hair follicle – delayed gray – helps prevent hair loss.



It has been proven that Ginkgo Biloba has the ability to slow down hair loss and can help promote hair growth.

Clinically proven

Clinically proven

100% Sterile, Organic, Natural Ingredients
Biotechnology pioneers. Simple, safe and effective to use
Clinically & Dermatologically Tested and Tolerance Tested. Reviewed by World Trichology Society
More than 20 years of experience in the pharmacological and cosmetic branch in the world of beauty
The mechanism of action supports stem cells in hair follicle and fights DHT
Suitable for all types of hair loss, all ages, skin and hair types
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