Beard Growth Treatment

Looking for a fuller beard? We have the perfect products for you. A magnificent, full beard and mustache demand the right care. Our specially developed products stimulate and nurture hair growth in the beard and/or mustache, making them fuller and thicker.

For an even more effective treatment, the products can be combined with the beard roller. The beard roller enhances the absorption of the products into the scalp and/or facial skin, optimizing the stimulation of hair follicles.

Important to note: To activate beard growth, it’s necessary to have existing hair follicles. If you have thin patches in your beard or desire a fuller, longer beard, proper stimulation of the hair follicles can promote hair growth. With the right products, you can stimulate beard growth from both the inside and outside, allowing for the growth of a magnificent, full beard. This bundle includes 1 x Pharma Hermetic SP55 vials (5 x 5 ml) and 1 x Pharma Hermetic dermaroller.




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