Pharma Hermetic Shampoo, Mask, and Lotion

Discover the complete hair care with our Pharma Hermetic Hair Growth & Restoration Lotion, Shampoo & Nourishing Hair Mask!

Pharma Hermetic Hair Growth & Restoration Lotion: Slow down hair loss, promote new growth, and strengthen every hair type. Create an optimal environment for hair growth and revive brittle and weak hair. Also ideal for a fuller, denser beard.

Pharma Hermetic Shampoo: Treat hair loss with the powerful formula. Stimulate hair growth and anchor the hair root at the stem cell level. Easy to use for a healthy head of hair.

Nourishing Hair Mask: Hydrate, nourish, and prevent hair breakage. Suitable for all hair types, especially for dry and damaged hair. Let your hair shine again!

Discover the ultimate care your hair deserves now! This bundle includes 1 x Pharma Hermetic shampoo 200 ml, 1 x Nourishing hair mask 250 ml, and 1 x Hermetic Lotion spray 50ml.






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