SP55 Hair lotion against hair loss – hair growth lotion


Stop Hair Loss Now!

The SP55 Home Care Lotion is a specially developed product that can help you accelerate the recovery process in the damaged area after a hair transplant. The combination of active ingredients in the Pharma Hermetic Lotion is also effective in obtaining a fuller denser beard.

With daily use, you will noticeably improve her and strengthen the strength and vitality. We have made it easy to bring the Pharma Hermetic Lotion home. This can be done very easily by spraying the lotion onto the hair and skin.

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sp55 Lotion Hair Recovery System

For the most advanced hair care for your home or salon, Pharma Hermetic offers the ultimate hair treatment, Hermetic Lotion. The Hermetic Lotion stimulates the cells to keep scalp and hair follicles healthy with a complex of amino acids, vitamins and natural plant extracts.

It is the ideal treatment for those who want to fight mild to moderate hair loss or to make the hair thicker, fuller and shiny. Hermetic Lotion is recommended to use in addition to a SP55 treatment for the best results.

Our Pharma Hermetic Hair Growth & Restoration Lotion can help slow down her loss and even promote new growth. The Hermetic Lotion helps to give strength and thickness to each individual hair type. It creates the optimal environment for hair growth and offers vitality to brittle and weak hair. It also improves the amount, appearance, volume and density of your hair.

Haarlotion tegen haaruitval versterkt en versterkt de haargroei van de haarwortel

No side effect

Long lasting results

Regulate hair loss

More volume and density

Suitable for all hair types

Safe for colored hair

Pharma Hermetic voor de man en voor de vrouw

The best ingredients for your hair!


Stimulates the angiogenesis in the hair follicle. Provides nutrients for the skin and hair root of for a stronger and healthier hair shaft by stimulating angio edema. Inhibits apoptosis and stimulates hair growth.


Pharma Hermetic Stappenplan


Helps block the effect of DHT that causes alopecia. Inhibits hair loss through downward regulation of the signal from DKK-1, BMP4 and TGFβ-1 and can generally help stop hair loss.

Pharma Hermetic Stappenplan


Creates plaque formation and generates new hair follicles through the production of β-catenine and SHH signal. Activation of hair growth by Wnt proteins . Stem cells are stimulated. Multiplication of keratinocytes.


Contains 13 amino acids


Stimulates hair growth


Nourishing for the skin


Biotin is crucial for many functions within the body, including cell growth, metabolism and cell recovery. Also known as vitamin H and vitamin B7. Biotin is one of the building blocks of healthy hair, and an increasing intake of biotin:

Strengthens the hair follicle

Delayed gray

Helps prevent hair loss


It has been proven that Ginkgo Biloba has the ability to slow down hair loss and can help promote hair growth.

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