Pharma Hermetic Shampoo, Mask, Lotion, and SP55 Ampoules

Searching for a powerful solution against hair loss? Look no further! Our specially curated bundle provides gentle cleansing and intense nourishment for your hair. The Pharma Hermetic shampoo and hair mask offer gentle yet deep care.

The secret behind this bundle? The essential Hermetic spray and SP 55 ampoules that promote hair growth and halt hair loss. With these heroes in your hair care routine, you combat hair loss, and with the hair mask, you can help prevent hair breakage while providing intensive care.

Say goodbye to hair problems and welcome back your natural hair! This bundle is your perfect companion in the battle against hair loss and for healthy hair growth. Experience the difference and let your hair shine like never before! This bundle includes 1 x Pharma Hermetic shampoo 200 ml, 1 x Nourishing hair mask, 1 x Hermetic Lotion, and 1 x Pharma Hermetic SP55 ampoules (10 x 2 ml).




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